Hradec Králové is getting ready for climate change!

Extremely high temperatures and drought, heavy rains, and flash floods. These impacts of climate change affect also our city.
Thanks to the Adaptation Strategy and practical changes we will be able to prevent or at least be better prepared for them.   

By the end of 2021,
a new plan for
the adaptation of Hradec Králové
to climate change will be created.

Every citizen has
the opportunity
to get involved
in the preparations.

We want our life
in Hradec Králové
to be great not only today, but even decades later.

We want to implement changes to improve the life of children, elderly and people with disabilities.

1. Vulnerability analysis

The analytical part will map out and analyze the vulnerability of Hradec Králové 
to the expected impacts of climate change. The analysis will also use data from satellites monitoring and climate models predicting changes in temperature, humidity, or wind speed. 

2. Practical proposals

This part will specify practical measures to prevent threats identified in the analytical part.
A new strategy and action plan will set specific action steps for Hradec Králové for the next 10 years. The public will be actively involved in the preparations at each stage.  

3. Implementation plan

As part of the implementation plan, the city will prepare its infrastructure and organizational processes for the impacts of extreme weather events, adapt public spaces and buildings,
or plan investments in the further development of urban greenery. All activities and plans will take into account the most vulnerable groups of the population.  

How to get involved

Climate is changing, change yourself, too! 

We invite you to the traveling exhibition Climate is changing, change yourself, too!

Take a look at the interactive presentation of this original Czech exhibition on climate change. You will find many interesting articles about climate change-related topics, including accompanying information graphics (for example atlas of adaptations and mitigations).

The exhibition is in Czech. 


Thank you for filling in the questionnaire and helping shape the future of Hradec Králové! 

Supported by grant from the people of Norway.


Ing. Libor Rak

About the project

Project "Adaptation Strategy for
the Statutory City of Hradec Králové ".
Project registration number: 3194100019.

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